Our DTP studio is equipped with top devices of hardware and software. We concentrate our efforts mainly to manufacturing of labels, small boxes, bags, sleeves, shrink sleeves and another wrapping materials.With pleasure we can make out any graphic dates for mercantile printed products as leaflets, cataloges, brochures and another. We can to work out exhaustive Corporate Identity inclusive logomanuals.

We are working very quickly and our performance are of high quality. We are always developing our efforts to fulfil the customers´requirements regards graphic processing.

We are ready to improve or finish any dates for treatment elements and special prints, but to optimalize classical CMYK´s prints too.

Based on our rich experiences with printing technologies we are able to offer a high-quality processing inclusive considering of suitable printing machine and to warranty an unique outputs. 

To our colleagues – graphic designers we offer consultation activities inclusive preparing of data sources.


Our specialities

We have rich experiences with following elements and-we use it regularly.

  • metallized prints
  • metallized prints on transparent medium
  • blind man´s print, drawing
  • blind man´s print, embossing
  • 3D blind man´s print
  • holograms
  • holographic print
  • hot embossing
  • cold embossing
  • special fine laser cut outs
  • partial paint
  • hybrid paint
  • dispersion paint
  • relief paint.



On any of our references we would like to inform you during our business meeting. Because of industrial protection of our customers the references are not published.

Many thanks for your understanding